Saturday, 29 May 2010

Even More Laws

With the news that David Laws has resigned, here and here - a thought or two.

Homosexuality - whilst an anathema to me, probably because of my 'generation thingy' - does not carry the stigma it did, so why the secrecy on Laws' part?

On his appointment - and assuming they did not know (unlikely) - why did Laws not speak with Call Me Dave and NickNick, explain he was going to hold a press conference and confess all - sexuality and expenses? He would have been hailed in the media and public as an even bigger hero than he was a few days ago.

Is it a case that power corrupts, not just in the 'financial' sense but also in the 'thinking' sense?

I take my hat off to him though for his courage in adopting the course of action he has and just wish there were more like him.


James Higham said...

There is so much hypocrisy on this issue of gayness.

Anonymous said...

An even bigger hero?? I almost spat my drink over the screen reading that. What's your logic here, that he didn't steal more or because he didn't try to cling on as long as possible?

I'm sorry but this is just damage control, 5 minutes in the sin bin and then bang back into the game, how noble it shall be. Surely if you do something that warrants you resigning it's not something that just wears off after a while like stepping in some dog poo.

Witterings From Witney said...

James, agreed. As I said, I don't like it but accept it exists. As long as it does not impinge on my life then each to their own.

Anonymous, sorry but you misunderstood my sarcasm re 'an even bigger hero etc'. The issue of Laws sexual proclivity is neither here nor there - the question is the breaking of the rule. On the separate issue of forgiveness, I agree with you that when a rule has been broken like this it precludes that person ever again serving as a minister or MP. It is a position of responsibility and honour and once abused should prevent any second chances. Trust that clears up that little misunderstanding!