Friday, 21 May 2010

If Only Cameron Meant It - And Implemented It!

From the Evening Standard, a quote from David Cameron:

"In everything we do...............we must remember that we are not masters but servants.

The manner in which Call Me Dave has been acting of late - forming a new political party on a mandate no-one had the opportunity to vote for and on, 'allowing' us to do that which he decides and not allowing us to do that which we wish - it is almost as if a new dictator monarch has been anointed.

It may be due to a composition error by Paul Waugh (highly unlikely) but more probably due to 'a slip of the tongue' in that he got the order wrong in which the words 'masters' and 'servants' appeared!

Not for nothing is he known as the 'Boy King' over at EU Referendum and Your Freedom And Ours!


James Higham said...

Cameron has effectively split the party - you should see the comments on the Heffer article [you probably have].

Anonymous said...

Much the same hipe as we got from our lord and master Tony Bliar when he was first elected.

The heir to Bliar will be no different.