Friday, 14 May 2010

The Three 'R's And One 'S'

The Norwich Evening News reports that "Children will be pulling over cars in Norwich later this month in an event designed to educate drivers about the dangers of breaking the speed limit."

Setting to one side the question of influencing young minds with 'propoganda', since when did speeding become part of the education process - one that should be founded on the three 'R's; Reading, (W)riting and 'Rithmetic?

Oh, and on the basis that adults must not come into contact with children, other than their own outside of the home environment, presumably all these drivers that are stopped will have been CRB checked beforehand?

Just asking, you understand.................

H/T: England Expects

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banned said...

Would a speeding ticket handed out by an un-uniformed child be valid? :)