Sunday, 30 May 2010

Will Hutton Just Foxtrot Oscar?

Will Hutton deigns to enlighten us with his views on the possible collapse of the euro and the European Union, writing that European governments have just months to find a way of making the euro a credible currency.

Commenting that failure of the euro portends years of doom, gloom and virtual Armageddon, he continues "The Eurosceptics will have got what they wanted – a Europe of independent nation states looking after their own interests." the latter, in my book, being a result! Just before that excerpt Will complains that "Politically, whatever resolve there is to hold our disparate continent together, where the old enmities and suspicions are never far from the surface, will evaporate." which begs two points; first, it is not 'our' continent and second, if 'old enmities and suspicions are never far from the surface', then WTF are we doing in it to begin with?

Will's socialist leanings surface with the expected socialist answer to any problem - create another bureaucracy - with his idea for a European monetary fund that will police member states' budgets.

I can but repeat the heading to this post..........


Trooper Thompson said...

We can at least enjoy a bit of schadenfreude at Will's anxiety over the collapse of 'European hopes' - by which he means the criminals of Brussels.

Anonymous said...

You missed out this funny bit :-
"There should be a simple system of European bank regulation to ensure that all European banks conform to the same rules."
Simple European regulation?
A nice idea but you'd better off making an acumulator bet that England will win the world cup, the ashes and next year's grand slam. Far more likely than simple European regulation.

Lola said...

I heard Hutton talking bollocks about pensions and houses recently. He can't help himself. he just talks bollocks.

hahahahah wv = sperm!