Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Words Of Wisdom (2?)

Per Eamonn Butler, Adam Smith Institute:

* David Cameron has assured voters that he's "still a Tory" (though large numbers of his own backbenchers seem less sure about the fact).
* The national retirement age is probably going up to 66. (If only we could get the retirement age for MPs down to 16, we'd be laughing.)
* The Royal Mail is to be part-privatised. (That figures, since in my experience they only part-deliver the mail anyway.)
* Quangos are to be pruned back. (No doubt Whitehall will be setting up a quango to decide exactly how.)
* A new Office of Budget Responsibility promises to de-politicise economic decisions. (I'd really prefer something to economise on political decisions, but there you go.)

* Still, now the new government have seen the nation's books, at least we  know what the two sides of the UK's balance sheet look like. It turns out that on the left side, nothing's right, and on the right side, nothing's left. Ah well...

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