Monday, 31 May 2010


Being of Scots and Jewish grandparentage on my mother's side and jewish on my father's side, it is probably only natural that I have to pass comment on the condemnation that has been levied on Israel and her actions today.

In the defense of Israel I would refer any reader to the following: - an analysis of the legal implications of a blockade.,7340,L-3896796,00.html

If there is to be reporting, can it be fair reporting please?


Quiet_Man said...

You wont get fair reporting, nor will you get fair commentary. This is one of the few issues in which people take sides no matter what. Even now the action is being denounced as piracy in international waters despite the fact that Israel legally declared a blockade and the protesters indicated both verbally and in writing that they intended to break it.

I try to be neutral myself, but it does make me angry at the sheer wilful ignorance on both sides.

Witterings From Witney said...

Like you QM, I do try to be neutral, really I do. It does really p*** me off when people pontificate without the whole facts being known and 'slant' their reportage one way or tother!

Anonymous said...

"Israeli "legal" blockade of Gaza.
Talking about getting facts right,
hope someone 's got a few details on that one.
No time for Islam but Israel seems
to be pushing its luck a bit.


Trooper Thompson said...

The only good thing about this, is that it may make an attack on Iran less likely in the short term, which is the last thing the world needs.

Lord T said...

fair reporting and Israel.

Ain't going to happen. There is nothing that whingy whiney liberals like more than condemning Israel and ignoring all the provocation.

Lord T said...

Oh and that was the most pathetic storming of a boat I have seen. They must have been expecting resistance from the woman auxilary.

One at a time down ladders. No tear gas. That is not the efficiency I expect from Israel.

DiehardTH said...

The Israeli boarding seems 'weak' but considering the outpouring of 'grief' for the terrorists can you imagine the whinging that would have taken place had they boarded with automatic weapons? They knew it was a set-up and went in as such but even then i don't think they expected such a lynch mob.

The Jew hate being posted on comments forums in the media is just disgusting.

James Higham said...

Fair reporting? Not a chance when it is Israel.

Anonymous said...

One report has it that the IDF had paintball guns. The other ships went to the port as ordered, one fought. The comments on many sites are a disgrace, but then our toy foreign minister is no better, still i suppose he now has to toe the EU line!


Anonymous said...

The condemnation of Israel's actions is pouring in, now - and includes the UN Security Council and Amnesty International. Rightly so, IMV.

The blockade was illegal, the occupation of Gaza is illegal and even if that were not the case, the Israelis did not need to use such force on civilians.

Why did they not use tear gas? Israeli commandos are not known for ineptitude.

Israel is out of control - to the extent that it is pushing the world into a war with Iran. Iran might not have nuclear weapons, but it does have some very dirty WMD and would be fighting for its very survival. Let's chew on that for a bit.

I am half Jewish (if there can be such a thing), so it has pained me to see Israel's stance in the past decade.

Anonymous said...

PS: I've updated my blog entry on this issue - which Quiet Man and others have criticised.

I hold my stance until I can be persuaded otherwise.

Witterings From Witney said...

Sorry Fausty, but on this we will disagree. The blockade was not illegal, read the first link by Joshua Rosenberg.

As I have commented elsewhere, how long does it take some countries to learn that you don't mess with Israel? How many bloody noses do they need? Egypt tried it and suffered and yet Egypt and Israel co-exist in peace. If Egypt can 'get it' why can't others?

Leave Israel in peace and it leaves you in peace, which ain't a bad philosphy for all countries to adopt!

Anonymous said...

I have read it, Mr W. It doesn't convince me, so I'm content to agree to disagree. Disagreement is no bad thing if it spurs debate in the public arena - which is now beginning to take place.

The stench from the suppurating wound that is the Middle East needs to be cleansed - regardless of who is at fault.

That Israel is so powerful is worrying in itself. Watch the video on the attack of USS Liberty in 1967 (on my blog). This is Israel's modus operandus.

Unfortunately, Israel is not content to leave other states in peace.

Witterings From Witney said...

Ok Fausty, we will agree to disagree.

How the suppurating wound is cleansed though is an even bigger question.

Why is Israel so powerful? Because she has needed to be due others not leaving her in peace.

I can but repeat the last para of my previous response to you. After all, is that not we want viz-viz the EU - self-government, ie keep your noses out of our business, leave us alone etc etc?