Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Increased NHS Funding What For?

From Open Europe's press summary of today:

"The FT notes that the issue of cross-border healthcare in the EU is again in the spotlight after a Swedish patient sought treatment in several EU member states and then claimed for a reimbursement from his home country’s health system. The article suggests that despite several European Court of Justice rulings saying that the EU Treaties give patients the right to access healthcare anywhere in the EU, doubts over how to deal with the administrative burden of such a system have so far prevented the adoption of an EU health directive. However, an EU diplomat is quoted saying, “nobody loves the cross-border healthcare directive. You’re effectively telling health Ministers that part of their budget will end up overseas. But some version of it is going to happen: the ECJ has ruled it must" (my emphasis)

And what did we hear, in triplicate, during the three debates schoolboy arguments? I will protect the NHS, I will increase funding of the NHS, I love the NHS.

The question also remains whether our impartial, informing, independent MSM will bother to bring this little snippet of news to the attention of the electorate?

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