Tuesday, 4 May 2010

It Had To Happen!

We have had heaven knows how many promises and guarantees from Gordon Brown, we have had cast-iron promises from David Cameron, so it is with no surprise we now find Nick Clegg throwing his personal guarantee into the pot for the voters to consider.

On the basis that, from past experience, the voters are unlikely to believe this latest guarantee means we have to question their thought processes. When politicians have been taking us for mugs for so long; have been cheating the taxpayer by their misuse of our money; have deceived us with their lies; have refused to discuss those issues that the voters want discussed HTF does Clegg think we are going to believe his pathetic attempt to sway our minds at this late stage? Clegg's guarantee is, mind you, on a par with a party manifesto in that it contains so many questions that arise from the 'empty' statements made.

Brown, Cameron and Clegg are even bigger idiots than I took them for!


Robert of Ottawa said...

Who are Clegg's advisors? Don't they know that a "personal garauntee" is worth less than used toilet paper?

Like 18th century France, this Versaille of the British political class will end badly.

Witterings From Witney said...


They don't have advisors, just 'yes' men.

The Mother of Democracy dies on 6th May RIP UK - seriously.

No flowers please - just have a drink or two and remember us.......