Friday, 14 May 2010

Heffer 'Does' Queen Victoria

 Simon Heffer, writing in the Telegraph ToryDemgraph, has joined the rant against this 55 percent idea that has been cobbled together 'hatched' by our new government elected dictatorship - Heffer would appear to have joined the ConDemNation!

"I would go further: to allow a government effectively to ignore defeats in the Commons and carry on regardless is a constitutional outrage. It violates the essential checks and balances that form our way of governance. It puts the executive beyond Parliament and gives it excessive power. It impinges upon the reserve powers of the Sovereign and her prerogatives. It is anti-democratic and deeply offensive to the rights of our people.

And there was I almost believing (not) this crap from Call Me Dave the EU Puppet about devolving power to the people!


Sue said...

We know what the plan is. It's documented. Half the trouble is, the rest of the electorate don't know.

If they did, don't you think many more people would speaking out against it?

paulo said...

Shame really. I got all optimistic to begin with and kind of wished them well and now this - straight out of Gordon's little yellow book.

This is stupid, childish, undemocratic and tarnishes everything they utter from now on in.

Didn't take them long...


Robert of Ottawa said...

Well, if losing a vote in parliament doesn't throw youse bums out, why should a vote by hoi poloi end your reign, fer cryin' out loud.

The very mooting of this idea should be the death-knell of this government. Disgrace!!