Friday, 28 May 2010

Constituency Sizes

So David Cameron is proposing (page 27 para 1) to have the Electoral Commission look at the above, with a view to equalizing same. Big Deal!

As this report shows it can be argued there is a 'conflict of interest' present, as who 'controls' the Electoral Commission? - what a surprise!

Now, if only we had 'Direct Democracy' whereby we could present the laws we wanted and how they should be enacted............

H/T: HDOregon on Twitter - one of my followers. (or as I called the state - in the heady days of Ronald R - 'O' Regon)


Mrs Rigby said...

The government of the day sets the task, which is why so many had changed since the 2005 election.

The electoral commission used to do the job but the last lot created the 'Local Government Boundary Commission' in 2009, but it seems to be only for England. and

The boundaries do need to be reset/reworked if only to ensure places like the Isle of Wight (about 108,000 voters, twice as many as some city constituencies) get a fair representation in Parliament when compared with other constituencies, and to make sure all MPs have a similar potential caseload.

Perhaps we don't need so many MPs either, especially as Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland also have their Parliament/Assemblies and are hoping to have increased powers.

Did you see the site that told you 'how much' your vote was worth at the general election. Some places it was 4x 'average', in our area it was about 0.5x 'average' - which stinks!

Witterings From Witney said...

So Mrs R, sign up for Direct Democracy. Simples, as Alexander says!

Witterings From Witney said...

Afterthought Mrs R, the 'laws' of politics sure are changing!