Sunday, 9 May 2010

So Say The Experts - Some Experts!

According to the Times, two 'experts' have discovered that Cameron and his 'Cameron Party' - for Conservative Party they most definitely are not! - failed by just 16,000 votes to secure an absolute majority. And who, exactly, are these two 'experts'? None other than two "directors of the elections centre at Plymouth University" -  and they are funded by????

Listen you two apologists for 'experts' - one Richard North, EU Referendum, had 'sussed' this little nugget of information well before you,  here and here! Experts? Well, yes if you are spelling 'experts' 'P' 'R' 'A' 'T' 'S'!

So much for 'academics'! With apologies to James Highem (in joke!)

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