Sunday, 23 May 2010

In Europe But Not Run By Europe

Resurrected from a phrase William Hague used almost a decade ago Call Me Dave, who did the resurrecting, has still not realised that it is vacuous. Nothing illustrates that vacuousness more than this excerpt from Daniel Hannan's comment piece in today's Sunday Telegraph.

"You can't decentralise power in the UK while centralising it in the EU. You can't object to the quango state while submitting to the biggest quango of the lot, namely the unelected European Commission. You can't ask for across-the-board budget savings while increasing our net contributions to Brussels by 60 per cent. You can't strengthen parliamentary control over the executive when orders-in-council simply implement EU rulings. You can't, in conscience, give people a referendum on how to elect their MPs while denying them a referendum on whether those MPs are sovereign."

Oh, and you cannot ask the British people to accept a government with a manifesto on which no-one had the opportunity to cast a vote!


James Higham said...

Whichever words they put it in, whichever way they try to spin it, their true colours are hoisted to the masthead for all to see.

The Boiling Frog said...

Wasn't that phrase: "in Europe...etc" also used in the Tories 1997 manifesto? The Tories have not got the hang of how the EU works yet have they, especially post-Lisbon?

Anonymous said...

No, they most certainly have not got the idea of the EU, a lot of us seem to know precisely what it is. They must know because they lie to us about it, and have done since the days of the unlamented Ted "big grin" Heath.