Sunday, 30 May 2010

Causation & Cure

TimesonLine reports that the cost to the taxpayer of MPs, their salaries and expenses coupled with the regulatory body covering observance to the rules is set to top £175million in the latest budget covering this.

"Sir Ian Kennedy, its chairman, receives £700 a day, equivalent to more than £100,000 a year for his three-day week." Three day week? £700 a day? WTF! Now that is an area for cuts - cuts in exorbitant salaries for part-time managers/CEOs.

The cost of Parliament, unelected quangos, fake charities, the target culture, compliance with equality and diversity diktats and the like needs to be pruned and pruned drastically. To coin a phrase: We cannot go on like this! It is appreciated that we are only a few weeks into this new 'unelected' government but Call Me Dave needs to get a grip and quickly. Failure to do so may well result in an outcome, at the next election, similar to this. Of course, as IanPJ says on Twitter, in the Czech Republic all political parties received equal coverage in the media, unlike here where the Lib/Lab/Con froze out the other parties. 

It also provides a clue to UKIP as to where their 'line of attack' should be because at the end of the day fiscal responsibility is the key to development - and maintenance - of a nation's productivity; that and self-government which is a prime requisite in order to be able to take those decisions!

Update: Another example of waste of taxpayer's money. Small beer, admittedly, but multiply this over all bureaucracies and it becomes something worth tackling.

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