Monday, 10 May 2010

Sorting Out The Economy

This wass the cry of all politicians during the last election campaign - that sorting out the economy is the number one priority and that only 'they' can do it in order to reduce our national debt; that 'they' will be fiscally competent; that 'they' have budgeted for all the new schemes 'they' wish to introduce and that therefore 'they' will govern wisely.

Oops, bet this wasn't in their plans! So now, according to Burning Our Money - who is one chap who does seem to know what he is talking about - 'they' now have to find another £25billion because our 'government' in Brussels has so decreed. Actually, correction: 'We' will have to find another £25billion, or at least the working private sector - who are now officially in the minority - will have to.

And 'they' told us we were electing them to govern our country, did they not? Another lie, because if that were true it would be 'our' decision whether 'we' decided to bail out another country. This latest decision by our masters really does tell us where the 'power' lies - and it ain't in Westminster!

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banned said...

As you imply, WfW, 'they' have been elected to act as tax farmers for our masters in Brussels.