Thursday, 20 May 2010

Did You Vote For This?

Whilst not having had time yet to read the document in detail it would appear that the 'manifesto', published by the Liberal Conservative Government bears little relation to that on which each party gained its votes in the 6th May general election.

The question has, therefore, to be raised: Is this manifesto legally valid in that at a general election a political party must set out the general principles by which it will govern and it is on that basis a voter marks his/her ballot paper.

David Cameron most certainly intends to rule with a rod of iron - one does wonder though if that rod is 'cast', in which case it won't be worth anything - by amending the membership rules of the 1922 Committee, whereby cabinet members and Whips are now included. It would however appear that the vote to amend the rules could well not be valid, if this article is considered, as does this. Yet another example of 'Democratised Dictatorship'! 'Stormin Norman' does not think much of this either, neither does Gerald Warner!

Reverting to the question of whether this new manifesto is valid, there is a list of policies that have been conceded, or 'watered down' by the Conservative Party and these have been identified by the BBC:
  1. No repatriation of powers from Europe.
  2. Police commissioners less independent.
  3. Council tax freeze curtailed.
  4. Stamp duty cut less certain.
  5. No scrapping of Labour's health targets.
  6. Plans to end the couple penalty less certain.
  7. Non-doms tax on hold.
  8. Human Rights Act lives to fight another day.
 I don't somehow think that this is the 'change' for which the electorate were exhorted to vote Conservative!

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