Monday, 10 May 2010

Talking Point

A thought just occured: With all the discussions going on between Con and LibDem, LibDem and Lab, what happens to all those 'promises' and 'guarantees' contained within the respective party's manifestos? If some of these are 'torn up', or 'watered-down' in order to cobble together some 'wishy-washy' form of government, should there not be another election to ascertain if we, the people, are agreable to the policies by which we are now to be governed?

With the news that Gordon Brown is to resign as party leader prior to Labour's party conference in September means that we may have a LibDem/Lab coalition, which would result in yet another unelected Prime Minister. If we are to have a new leader of the Labour Party - and one who would no doubt take over as Prime Minister - should the people not be asked?

When considering the various 'talks', Brown's resignation meaning a leadership election for his party, manifestos being rewritten, then this is hardly a good example of what would happen were some form of proportional representation to be introduced.

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Robert of Ottawa said...

Welcome to proportional representation