Sunday, 9 May 2010

John Redwood

I know that I said posting would not commence until tomorrow afternoon, but having started the catch-up reading the first thing I read is John Redwood and I am unable to let this pass without a comment.

John Redwood has posted that he wishes to know if UKIP supporters could explain why it helped to prevent Eurosceptic Conservatives winning in 21 seats, so giving us a a more pro EU Parliament?

Of all the damn cheek! I have posted the following comment - whether he publishes or not is open to question.


Forgive me, but may I just address my initial remarks to Clive.

This attitude that UKIP are at fault, that they should not exist is typical 'head-in-the-sand' thinking and is completely unacceptable and discourteous to say the least. Likewise John, I also have to say your post exhibits exactly the same attitude and thinking.

By what right does Clive believe that UKIP should disband? By what right do either of you think that the right of the electorate to vote for a party providing a policy that the Conservatives are not, is unacceptable? Who the blazes are either of you to believe you can silence one particular party and more importantly why should those of us who deigned to vote for a party other than yours have to justify that vote? Why should the electorate be forced to vote the way both of you seem to want? Perhaps if the Conservative Party adopted more policies that are wanted, instead of trying to emulate the Labour and the LibDems your support may grow?

The fact that UKIP, in my opinion, adopted the wrong strategy is neither here nor there. However, so did the Conservative Party, in that they had completely the wrong policies on some matters such as energy and the environment and in the process hid from the electorate that those policies were constrained in content by Britain's membership of the EU.

In conclusion John, it is not UKIP that has to explain anything, least of all to you or anyone else, it is in fact David Cameron who has to explain how and why he blew the whole operation of ensuring that he was a 'shoe-in' as the next Prime Minister and his party the next government!

Shame on you John - I did not expect to read such drivel as that posted by someone who I had come to admire and now believe that said admiration is entirely misplaced!

If Master Redwood is unable to grasp the fundamentals of this 'servant/master' thingy properly, then we truly are f'ed!

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