Sunday, 9 May 2010

Trying To 'Crack' The Media

As regular readers will know, or may have realised, I am one of the moderators of The Albion Alliance, a campaign that was designed as an attempt to rectify the democratic deficit in our democracy - and in so doing asked candidates participating in the general election comedy performance that passed as 'due democratic process', to commit to 'engineering' a referendum within the first year of the new parliament on the question of Britain's membership of the European Union - ie, thus answering who we wish to 'govern' our country.

The 'battle' - and it sure was a 'battle' - to gain recognition of our efforts was hampered, at every point, by the lack of interest that the MSM showed. In an attempt to broaden the readership of this campaign, the assistance of certain 'journalists/bloggers' was enlisted, which with one exception, failed dismally. However The Albion Alliance felt quite 'chuffed' when 'one of our finest' actually responded - after a few repeated 'pleas' - that he would 'post' an article on our 'efforts'.

It is regrettable that nothing came of this 'promise' - maybe due to his having joined a certain party that is now feeling a little 'blue', in that they failed to win an outright majority - and one wonders whether this was due to his being 'sat-on' by that party - or whether, in fact, the promise just - to coin a phrase - went 'west'.

I will leave readers to ponder on that.................which is the reason for no link being provided to the last word of the previous paragraph.


13th Spitfire said...

Have you tried Gerald Warner? Or anyone at the Daily Mail - they love grassroots initiatives.

James Higham said...

Yes, that one's in mind.

Witterings From Witney said...


Yup, tried them all - press releases sent to all national and local papers country wide!

The don't want to know - but hopefully they will one day soon

haveaguess said...

never mind telling boris 20 mps and linking from article etc etc .
Hmmmm.... not enough no? lol
ill get back to the commons byeee