Thursday, 27 May 2010

Kawczynski - Politician?

Daniel Kawczynski MP (Conservative), Chairman of All Party Group for the Promotion of First Past the Post, has an article on Conservative Home discussing changes to the voting system. Where to start, yes where, as I have never seen so much crap written by a politician - although lets fact it, they collectively seem to have MAs in writing crap!

Discussing the merits of First Past The Post (FPTP) versus some form of Proportional Representation (PR) Kawczynski just does not have the (dim)wit to understand what the problem is that caused the last election to result in a hung parliament. Admittedly Kawczynski is a politician - and as such I do not expect a high level of intelligent reasoning - therefore surely even he can accept that where the electorate is presented with three parties all offering the same manifesto (with minor variances) the electorate becomes confused and is unable to make a clear decision. Actually Kawczynski old chap, as Alexander Orlov says it really is 'Simples'! Oh and digressing slightly - as I do - were I a constituent of Kawczynski as I would promptly take the £100 on offer any time any where - and I would want it in cash as experience has shown that cheques (promissory notes) written by a politican are worthless!

Then, of course, Kawczynski raises the question of 'fringe' parties and decries their existence, homing in on the BNP who, he intimates, is a far-right organisation. Look, once and for all, the BNP is not far-right - it   is   a   left   wing   party!  Got it? Good. He continues that under the Alternative Vote (AV) system it might be possible that Conservative candidates would have to rely on "supporters of the minority and narrow-interest parties". WTF? So those who do not accept - hook, line and sinker - the views of the Tory Party are in the minority and are of 'narrow-interest'? Foxtrot-Oscar pal!

Young Master Kawcsynski (and I say young, as he must be exhibiting such a lack of intellect) does not also seem to accept that it is not MPs who should decide on which alternative voting system we should be allowed to vote - it is our decision which of the alternatives should be presented to us. This is but another example of what I have termed 'Democratised Dictatorship'.

And people voted this 'apology for politics' to be their MP?

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Woodsy42 said...

Depressing isn't it. Exactly the same arrogance of the last 13 years but from right field instead of left.
You can tell it's from the right because he doesn't bother with Labour's standard condescending insult:'it's not your fault because you are only a voter and therefore don't understand the issues'. Rather he wades straight in with the 'I'm a politician and therefore I always know better than you'.