Friday, 21 May 2010

Cameron's Dream World

For one supposedly so bright, David Cameron does a very good impression of someone who is completely dim!

Witness this statement: " can be assured that you have a Conservative prime minister who will act in the national interest. And putting your country first is about the most important Conservative value there is.

Firstly, one has to query whether we do, indeed, have a Conservative prime minister as even prior to the general election he was promoting ideas of which any 'leftie' would have been proud. Secondly, he has caved-in on so many 'Conservative' 'sacred-cows' policy wise - under pressure from the LibDems and also to get the keys to No10 - that he really should stop using the word 'Conservative'.

To turn to the second part of the extract quoted above, it would seem that even the most important Conservative value there is of putting one's country first has also been ditched. Witness his acceptance of having laws imposed on Britain - laws with which he disagrees but accepts - by the mere fact of our membership of the EU. If he wished to put Britain first then he would immediately cease ring-fencing overseas aid, something on which Richard North, EU Referendum, so adequately posts. If CallMe Dave really wished to put Britain first then he would ensure that the elderly and vulnerable in our society were cared for, prior to handing bucket loads of our dosh to countries like Singapore and India.

But hey, credit where credit is due, this is the man who has invented and given birth to a new political party - the Not-So-Liberal-Conservative party - one that has been created with a manifesto, neither of which existed at the time votes were cast.

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