Monday, 10 May 2010

Political Party Infighting - Don't You Just Love It?

Labour lose the election: Gordon Brown told to F'Off; resigns; so starts the fight amongst the unworthy to become Leader of the Labour Party and Unelected Prime Minister.

LibDems lose the election: suddenly the smallest party is the most important and Little Cleggie is 'courted' by two men who spent four weeks each telling him he is a prat. The LibDem faithful tell Cleggie no proportional representation, then F'Off.

Tories lose the election due no outright majority: trying to 'bed' the LibDems fails; Tory faithful who don't want another spell in Opposition and tell Cameron to F'Off.

EU gets frustrated with their province behaving like juveniles and assumes command, bringing chaos out of disorder, at which point the people tell the EU to F'Off.

Then we see the words of Dear Enoch come to pass - lots of Rivers of Blood!

Who said democracy was dead?


James Higham said...

The juxtaposition of events could well, coincidentally, lead to a referendum on the EU.

banned said...

So little Nicky Clegg has finally made his mind up, I do hope that Cameron punishes him for dithering.

I expect that the fake talks with Labour were more to do with Mandelson getting Brown to resign rather than any meaningful possibility of a liblab coalition.