Tuesday, 18 May 2010

EU Subordination - A La Hague

This article in Europe's World, authored by William Hague, speaks volumes when considering the Liberal Conservative government's attitude to membership of the European Union.

The government don't like the Lisbon Treaty - but will accept it. The government don't like the External Action Service - but will accept it. Hague writes: "And although the Conservative Party has seldom shied away from frank criticism when we have thought the EU has collectively been getting things wrong....." - the problem is though when it comes to 'put up or shut up', Hague and his party always 'shut up'.

 The phrase "Our common economic future poses a fundamental challenge." poses yet another worry and opportunity for Hague and the Liberal Conservatives to 'cave-in' to the EU. If we have a 'common economic future' then it stands to reason that a common currency is also required. What price that moves to join the euro is in fact well within the 'foreseeable future'?

From the general tone of the article the Liberal Conservative government, where the EU is concerned, is obviously going to be a 'yes sir, no sir, three bags full sir' government.

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