Tuesday, 4 May 2010

The Lure Of Money & Power

David Cameron has obviously been questioned today about Kenneth Clarke's backing for the nationalisation of Northern Rock as Cameron's response was that "Kenneth Clarke had taken his view that the nationalisation of Northern Rock was right 'from the backbenches'".

This brings to mind the apparent 'change of heart' that has afflicted William Hague, as his views on the European Union and membership of same have changed somewhat. Witness Hague's speech to the Tory faithful in 2001 at Blackpool "....if you believe in Britain as a country that will work with its neighbours but never submit to being governed by anyone else;if you believe in an independent Britain.Then come with me, and I will give you back your country." (my emphasis). Speaking in Harrogate the same year about Conservative values, Hague said "The resolve to protect our national independence." and "But we trust the people." - obviously not enough to give us a referendum, eh William - afraid you may get the wrong answer?

Oddly, Cameron has 'Clegged' (as in nick'd) one of Hague's ideas too "....I'll reduce the size of the Cabinet, cut the number of ministers, reduce the size of the House of Commons...." but I have fallen into my frequently committed sin - I digress.

Whilst digressing, it has been maintained by many that the Conservative Party no longer stands for its accepted principles. On has to wonder what happened to the principles of the Conservative Party - and Hague come to that - as in that same speech Hague said "But the forces of Conservatism will stand where they have always stood. We will stand for the nation. For Conservatives believe in nation.Conservatives believe in nation because nations allow democracy founded on a common political culture and Conservatives believe in democracy.Conservatives believe in nation because nations allow justice and fairness to be defended as part of a shared moral understanding and Conservatives believe in justice and fairness. Conservatives believe in nation because nations depend on tradition and protect tradition and Conservatives believe in the value of tradition.When Conservatives defend nation we are accused of defending everything that is small and narrow and petty in life.I believe that, on the contrary, when Conservatives defend nation we are defending so much that is great and large and generous in life.So Conservatives believe in nation and we will defend nation..." Wonder what did happen to that little lot?

Let us turn now to Dr. Liam Fox and your attention is drawn to this summary of his political  'leaning' on Conservative Home. "The survey shows that 44% of members regard Dr Liam Fox, Shadow Defence Secretary as the most effective voice of the Right on the frontbench.  In many ways Dr Fox fits the popular idea of a 'right-winger'.  He is strongly pro-American and Eurosceptic." Liam Fox said at a Tory Conference in 2005 "We need to break away from the whole outdated concept of "ever closer union". The inevitable destination of "ever closer union" is union. The Conservative party should never accept that Britain's destiny lies in a united states of Europe."

There we have 'two of a kind' - men who expresssed a vision of a strong, independent Britain, avowed Euro-sceptics. Weird how one's views change when offered the chance of Ministerial position, power, money and the perks that go with it - no?


Sue said...

Dan Hannan has suddenly changed too. He has lost all my respect.

Anonymous said...

Which just goes to prove that whatever Cameron's party is, conservative it ain't, not ever!