Friday, 14 May 2010

Some More Post Election Thoughts

What is it with 'loons' - are they like buses? You no sooner get rid of one (Hoon), when along comes another (Huhne). James Delingpole homes in on what is a great disaster for Britain with the appointment of Huhne to the position of Secretary of State for Environment and Climate change. This man Huhne is a tad contradictory in that he is anti-nuclear yet believes in 'newclear' energy sources such as wind. What with Cameron promising to form the 'greenest government ever', we are surely doomed to power cuts coupled with an annual bill of £18billion each year for the next four decades.

This Liberal Conservative government with which we are now blessed stuck is surely destined to end in tears, especially when considering the 'rifts' that exist in some areas of policy. For one man - Call Me Dave - to cosy up to another - who he termed a Political Joke - is sickening to observe and when they both try and sell it as being 'in the national interest'; do pass the sick bag, please. 'In the national interest' - spheroids - when both men were that close to the levers of power principles get thrown out of the window and neither man was prepared to let it slip through their fingers.

A more worrying factor is that this country needs strong government and yet we now have two parties with distinct ideological differences trying to work together to ensure that long-term strong and stable government to which Call Me Dave said was so necessary. This type of coalition may well work well in a period of war - such as World War II - but it is difficult to see it succeeding in a time of peace; in particular when neither man can actually 'govern' the country in view of their wish, to significant degrees, in remaining subservient to our masters in Brussels.

It is the question of Britain's EU membership that will tear this coalition asunder and this may well be hastened by the latest statement by Angela Merkel when speaking about the euro crisis: "The euro is our currency, and yet more than our currency…I stand by my vision that one day all member states of the European Union will have the euro as their currency…If the euro were to fall apart, it would not only be the currency, but also the EU and the idea of European unification." Many a Eurosceptic will be on their knees tonight praying that the last part of her statement does indeed happen!

Interesting times ahead, folks!

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