Monday, 24 May 2010

A 'New' Party?

Iain Martin posts an extremely interesting article headed "How Far Away Is a Con-Lib Merger?" and in discussing this he writes "The logic of his ditching of his party’s right wing is that he sees the scope for creating a permanent force fused out of the rest of his party and the centrist elements in Clegg’s party". Iain Martin also discusses the possibility that if AV is adopted the Tories and LibDems can, by ensuring each other is given as the second preference, enact 'government' in perpetuity - a point I have raised previously.

With Cameron exhibiting his 'liberal' tendencies and ditching the right wing of his party, it opens the possibility for UKIP, on the basis that that party is now the only party with true 'right wing' beliefs - including the belief of national and personal self-determination, for recruitment of those 'disaffected elements (both party members and MPs) people with experience of Westminster who understand how a political party should function and how to make that party a real force in the political world - something which UKIP sorely lacks.

Just an intriguing thought - no?

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