Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Do We Really Need More Of This Crap?

The 'Green Scammers' are getting worried about how their 'scam' is to be funded and more importantly, their jobs, especially bearing in mind the economic cutbacks and failing economies in Europe.

Richard North, EU Referendum, posts on the falling markets and links to an article detailing the cash black hole affecting Scotland's attempt to transform itself to a low carbon economy. Lady Susan Rice, Lloyds Banking Group - also non-exec director of Scottish & Southern Electricity, so no conflict of interests there then - complains that banks should not be expected to shoulder the burden and neither should major utilities firms be expected to get into much more debt in order to fund new renewables schemes. She then suggests that a carbon tax may be required - which begs the question if banks and utilities should not be expected to shoulder the burden, then why should taxpayers?

Reverting to the question of falling markets, just a fortnight ago we had Angela Merkel warning that if the euro failed so did 'Europe' (meaning the EU and its 'project') in which I say: Bring it on! The EU 'project', as with the 'renewables' project, is yet another 'scam' designed to extract money for plans which are doomed to failure from the outset - so in this 'Age of Austerity' why the bloody hell are we continuing to pour money down the proverbial drain? Courtesy of Dan Hannan comes this link for consideration which does, to me, make a certain kind of sense.

It would appear that certain groups in our society - bankers, environmentalists, politicians and europhiles - may well have egg on the faces in the days to come.

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James Higham said...

Yes, I think the individual members of AA's stance on this is pretty well uniform - bring it on.