Monday, 10 May 2010

Cameron Rules - OK?

Critical Reaction, of whom Lord Tebbitt is Chairman of the Editorial Board, confirms what I suggested in the previous post - the possibility that Cameron gets told to F'Off.

Seems the rank and file Tory MPs may not be happy little bunnies!

Twould appear that not much is thought of Cameron's election campaign, either


banned said...

Hopefully Camerons failure to negotiate a pact with the Libdems will lead to a weak government of LabLibs/Others probably headed by the odious Harman before it collapses sooner rather than later; meanwhile the Conservatives will have booted out Cameron for his duplicity and installed a real leader who who promises our EU referendum, ammendment of the smoking ban, repeal of the hunting ban, an immediate rolling back of the nanny state and anything else that might result in a Tory majority that can save the country from a fate worse than that of Greece.

James Higham said...

Aside from the strategic advantages for democracy of the Lab-Lib pact, which will inevitably implode, get rid of Cameron and bring on a withdrawal from the EU in one neat package, it is still not right that Cameron should have been duped like this. Clegg is a weasel.