Friday, 28 May 2010

One Law(s) For Us And.........

So it would seem that David has been having a 'Gay' time at the Taxpayer's expense.................

So we have a, now, Secretary of State living with a lobbyist? So, only now Laws offers to repay £thousands, but only when it becomes public knowledge? He is a multi-millionaire and needs to claim £40k? And it has been 'going on' since 2001? "Our relationship has been unknown to both family and friends throughout that time" - not even to Cameron or Clegg?

We may be living in a 'liberal' society, but.............this ain't going to do much for the marriage of two political parties, is it?

Well, bugger me! (No, don't even think about it!)

Sorry, but this is one Law that has to be broken!

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