Sunday, 16 May 2010

Wait For It - Wait For It!

So Call Me Dave, the Liberal Conservative, will not definitely rule out an increase in VAT. What a surprise - not!

Stands to reason he won't - at least until he sees which way the wind is blowing at the Tuesday meeting of the EU's Finance Ministers. It is only then will he know what the 'real government' of Britain is thinking - after all, we can't have the 'clerks' suggesting to 'management' how to run their 'conglomerate', can we?

The electorate appears to be happy that they are shot of Gordon Brown - well people, just you wait because what we have now - and to come - is a f'ing sight worse that what we had! At least with Brown we knew we had a lying, coniving, controlling politician - and compared to Call Me Dave, Gordon Brown belongs in the second division (to use a 'Balls-based' analogy).

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