Friday, 10 September 2010

Contradiction - Surely?

Slashdot, news for nerds - stuff that matters, reports that:

"The German Pirate Party has disclosed some secret documents on how the EU is planning to monitor citizens. The so called INDECT Documents describe how a seamless surveillance could (or should) be implemented across Europe. The use of CCTV cameras, the internet (social networks) and even the use of UAVs are mentioned as data sources. Two of the nine documents can be downloaded from the German Pirate Party's website (PDFs in English)."

The two documents can be read here and here

It is also worth looking at the EU INDECT ( Intelligent information system supporting observation, searching and detection for security of citizens in urban environment) website which also states:
"INDECT is a research project. The list of objectives DOES NOT include ANY kind of global monitoring of ANY society."
Yet from Work Package 1 (3) of the document Evaluation of Components, D9.4 WP9, we find it states:
"The main goal is to provide methods for the monitoring of public areas, and to develop a pilot system that enables detection of threats"
 which surely does entail 'any kind of global monitoring of any society'. It is impossible to 'search' for criminal or terrorist behaviour without monitoring all members of society.

In the FAQ section, Q19 has this illuminating statement:
"What is discouraging for persons working in INDECT is that instead of making research a significant amount of the time is consumed for explaining what the project in [sic] NOT about."
 and they wonder why? Whatever 'system' results from this 'project' will be under the control of bureaucrats and politicians, people whose judgement on moral and ethical issues, as history has shown, is open to question. Politicians and bureaucrats have abused just about every power they have managed to get their hands on - and this particular 'power' will be no different.

Big Brother will indeed be watching you

H/T: IPJ on Politics for bringing the Slashdot post to my attention.


Sue said...

and it goes on and on... so much for the Conservatives eurosceptics!

richard said...

Don't forget the sudden need to "streamline" bus and train fares, by introducing the Oystercard across the entire public transport network.
"We know where you live and, indeed, are!"