Friday, 10 September 2010

Enough Is Enough

The first words of the text to the Introduction of "Treason at Maastricht - The Destruction of the Nation State", written by Norris McWhirter and Rodney Atkinson, are:

"Without our Democracy we can justify nothing
Without our Parliament we can do nothing
Without our country we are nothing"

Our Democracy has been emasculated by successive governments and their politicians, our Parliament is but an empty shell,  populated in the main by incompetents, having become an agency of the European Union and consequently we, the people, are indeed 'nothing' as our country exists in name only.

Ever since Edward Heath lied to the electorate in 1972, at the time of the European Communities Act, about there being no loss of sovereignty, the process whereby the British people have been persuaded by flattery and deceit - nay threatened - into retaining our membership of the European Superstate is unsurpassed in the annals of history.

Europhiles dismiss the idea that Britain has lost the ability to be a self-governing nation as a result of our membership of the European Union. Yet any country which has lost the right to determine who enters, resides and votes in that country and the right to deport those considered 'undesirable'; any country which allows an alien authority to impose and/or suspend its laws without reference to that country's parliament can no longer be classified as self-governing.

In recent years British governments have had to impose laws governing the number of hours people may work; that part-time workers be afforded the same privileges as their full-time colleagues; that £billions be spent on an energy policy devised by people of questionable intellect - to name but three examples. Whether those laws are sensible or desirable is neither here nor there - the point is those laws were not enacted by us.

Our Governments and Parliaments have, since 1972, destroyed our nation and its democracy and will justifiably live in infamy. Every treaty from the Treaty of Rome - and culminating in the Treaty of Lisbon - has hastened the destruction of our democratic rights and national sovereignty for which a great deal of British, Commonwealth - and non-Commonwealth - blood was spilled.

Richard North, EU Referendum, has of late been recounting events between the years 1939-1945 and unless this 'European Juggernaut' is stopped in its tracks the British people may well have to return to the beaches at Sword, Omaha and Juno. The question if our American Cousins will once again join us (at the end) will surely depend on whether they too can escape their own black cloud under which they presently live.

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