Thursday, 9 September 2010

Help Them Lord, They Know Not What They Say

So the House of Commons has united against the power of the media, according to Kiran Stacy writing on the Westminster Blog. He reports that if there’s anything that can bring even the most implacably opposed MPs together it is hatred of the British media, especially since the expenses scandal.

It is a good thing Tom Watson prefaced this section of his remarks with a reference to the media otherwise it could well have been said by a member of the public about our political elite:
".........They have no predators, they are untouchable, they laugh at the law, they sneer at parliament, they have the power to hurt us and they do with gusto and precision............
Then that paragon of virtue, Nadine Dorries, weighs in with:
"It is our fault for having allowed the media to reach a point of arrogance."
Your fault for having allowed? Just who the hell do you think you are Dorries - is it not MPs that have reached a point of arrogance? Listen Bimbo, believe it or not it is our press - albeit, some would say, not much of a press - and we can decide when they overstep the mark by ceasing to buy their output.

What MPs appear to be hoping for is nothing but censorship - that their shortcomings and 'illegal acts' cannot be reported. Perhaps I may be permitted to remind MPs that the only valid censorship of ideas is the right of people not to listen - which is probably the reason for the current public apathy where politics and politicians are concerned!

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