Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Sitting On The Fence

Courtesy of Muffled Vociferation comes notice of this post by Daniel Hannan.

Having had reservations of late about Daniel Hannan and his motives, it is pleasing that he now writes something worthy of repetition:
"If we are allowed a vote on how to elect our MPs, why not a vote on whether those MPs run the country? If we can have a referendum on whether to have a mayor in Hartlepool, what about one on whether the majority of our laws should be handed down from Brussels?"
Ah but Daniel, what we are allowed is in the hands of our political elite - or had that small fact escaped your notice?
"It is an issue that divides all the main parties; an issue that cannot easily be settled at general elections; an issue of major constitutional significance; and an issue that sets Parliament against people."
But Daniel, under our present 'status quo', Parliament is 'set against' the people in that our elected representatives take not a blind bit of notice of what their paymasters want - until election time that is and even then they promise all but then forget that which they promise.
"MPs should recognise that they are not the owners of our liberty, but its temporary and contingent custodians. If they want to carry on handing away our independence, they should have the decency to ask our permission."
And that Daniel, is a bit like asking turkeys to vote for Christmas. By their actions, politicians of late have truly believed they are the owners of our liberty - and therein lies the problem!

The time for words is past Daniel - invigorating and well-meant as they are. We, the people, are fed up with words - after all that is the one asset politicians have and by heavens do they make use of it. If you and Douglas Carswell really wished to make an impact, to change the 'status quo', you both would resign membership of the Not-The-Conservative-Party-But-The-Cameron- Party and start your own party - or join another that was closest to your beliefs.

Presumably you both have principles?


Sue said...

Not one word about his "State of the Stasi Republic" on the news!

We need a free press. We need our own news channel where the truth can be shown to the masses.

Witterings From Witney said...

Fair comment Sue, but methinks you expect too much re the press. A free press? Whatver next? You will expect politicians with principles next......

Can but repeat he and Carswell need to get off the damn fence and provide actual leadership - I am fed up with mere words.