Monday, 8 November 2010

The Abyssian Sand Terrier*

Or the American Hairless Terrier or just Hairless Dog - aka William other words a 'Cameron Poodle'.

I am indebted to The Boiling Frog for a transcript of Hague's interview with Andrew Marr, from which I quote:

But you're going to give away billions as well. And, furthermore, the 2.9% hasn't yet been agreed by the European Parliament who could push it higher. So what happens if they do that?


It can be blocked. This is the … What you're talking about is the budget for next year …


… that has to be agreed between the Parliament and the Council of Ministers. David Cameron at the European Council ten days ago assembled much more than what we would call a blocking minority to ensure that the Parliament and the Commission cannot have their way, and that will save the British taxpayer hundreds of millions of pounds, probably four hundred and fifty million pounds…


(over) So I come back to the question what happens if they increase it beyond the 2.9%?


They will not be able to.


Why not?


Because we have now got 11 countries lined up with us out of the 27 to say you cannot have more than 2.9% whatever you do. And I think David Cameron did extremely well with that. And now there is an even bigger task to address the point you're making about European expenditure …
 This is our 'supposed' Foreign Secretary, someone who like his Leader, has no idea of EU procedures under the Lisbon Treaty - see here.

Now it gets interesting................Enter (stage left - from whence else?) Sidonia Jedrzejewska, to which the cry goes up: WTF is she? For the answer one need only refer to this report from Reuters, which explains all. Bearing in mind that the EU Parliament has the 'final say' on what budget is set, one doubts whether one will get decent odds from Wm. Hill or Betfair that she is not right.

Oh, how I look forward to iDave and his hairless dog having to face Parliament to explain how the EU budget is now more than 2.9 per cent - and listening to the excuses with which they will use in their 'defence'

H/T: Richard North, EU Referendum

* loyal, and willing to please - yup (or yelp in this case), that is Hague!

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