Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Cameron 'Dishonest' - Bruno Waterfield

 "Truth, in its struggles for recognition, passes through four distinct stages. first, we say it is damnable, dangerous, disorderly, and will surely disrupt society. Second, we declare it is heretical, infidelic and contrary to the Bible. Third, we say it is really a matter of no importance either one way or the other. Fourth, we aver we have always upheld it and believed it."
 Elbert Hubbard, (1856-1915), Roycroft Dictionary and Book of Epigrams, 1923 

At last the truth is out - courtesy of Bruno Waterfield, writing in the Telegraph, with a post entitled "David Cameron's EU budget promises are 'dishonest'", albeit paraphrasing remarks by Sidonia Jedrzejewska MEP, the European Parliament's lead negotiator in tense budget negotiations that began last night.
"Miss Jedrzejewska, a Polish centre-right MEP, has acknowledged that the parliament is ready to cut back substantially on its demand for an extra £6.6 billion, or 6.2 per cent, for the EU budget. But, she claimed, Mr Cameron and other national leaders had a public strategy of securing the 2.9 per cent figure while privately planning to introduce later "amending budgets" during the course of next year to boost EU funding piecemeal. "It is not honest. The people who wrote the letter know very well that it will be more in the end. They are just postponing payments," she said."
(It behoves me to eat humble pie as in an earlier post I wrote "Enter (stage left - from whence else?) Sidonia Jedrzejewska......." when I should have written stage right - slapped wrist administered!)

Also do note the section in which Sidonia Jedrzejewska is quoted saying:
"We know that 2.9 per cent is unsustainable so there will have to be series of amending budgets during the year," she said. "Who can follow amending budgets apart from a couple of experts?"
What has happened here is plain deceit, something to which Cameron appears to be resorting with each passing day. It is no good Cameron trumpeting about honesty and transparency in politics in one breath, whilst in the next resorting to lies and obfuscation.

So in effect, Cameron lied to Parliament - the biggest sin a politician can commit - and one wonders what action Speaker Bercow will take over this little matter? Actually more importantly, he lied to the British people - but then what do the British people matter - when politicians treat them like an irritant fly, to be swatted away?

Richard North, EU Referendum, may feel he has done enough "Dave" - but I sure as hell don't!

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Bravo Bruno, & WfW.
I saved the Telegraph pic as 'cameron-eu-stooge.jpg'