Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Free Speech? WTF!

Courtesy of Muffled Vociferation, I link to this video:

"Muslims against Crusades have applied for a static demo in London tomorrow Exhibition road (nearest tube South Kensington) at 11am. They plan to chant “murderers and rapists” through the 2 minutes silence. The police have confirmed this is happening and theres nothing they can do about it."
Err, apologies for maybe being guilty of repetion, but WTF is this? What are the chances of me standing in the middle of Tehran, Mecca, Paris, London or any other capital in the Moslem and EU, and chanting: "All politicians, especially those in the UK and the EU, are lying bastards" and walking away, free, after two minutes?

And there is nothing the Police can do? They bloody well acted soon enough when someone wished to stand at the Cenotaph and read out the names of those killed in Iraq.

Selective application of the law? Or is that me just being cynical? Nah, of course not, its a racist attitude, innit? 

So c'mon plod, come knocking at my door - please?


john in cheshire said...

The evil of islam never ends. And the apparent conspiracy of those who are supposed to protect us, is shameful. each time I read something such as this, I can feel the life force draining from me. Is that the intention of all these wicked people?

microdave said...

When thousands of people can block the streets to listen to Pat Condell, and the police don't intervene, I will feel a bit happier.

After all, it's O.K. for the religion of peace, isn't it?