Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Unlock Democracy?

This event is being advertised on the above's website.

In an email from them, a friend of mine is informed:
"Invitation to the seventh Hugo Young Lecture with Rt. Hon. Nick Clegg MP

Lucy Young and the Scott Trust, in association with Unlock Democracy, invite you to the seventh Hugo Young Lecture.

This is an excellent chance for members to quiz the Deputy Prime Minister with special responsibility for political and constitutional reform on the Governments constitutional agenda.

The coalition Government have an ambitious legislative programme which includes many issues Unlock Democracy (and its predecessors) have long campaigned for. These issues include the upcoming AV referendum, Fixed Term Parliaments, House of Lords Reform, Party Funding reforms."
For an organisation that wishes to 'unlock democracy' it is amazing that they can discuss subjects such as mentioned above and omit the one on which all the above would have some meaning and input.

FFS - and without stating the obvious - WTF does any of the above have any bearing on what happens as a result of the decisions taken by our real government in Brussels?

Unlock Democracy? I have to wonder if they even know how to wipe their own arses!

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