Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Where Are The 'Giants' Of The Blogosphere?

Autonomous Mind posts on Herman Van Rompuy under the title: "The nation state is a lie and it advocates a danger". At a time when the subject of the EU is in the news, is the subject of Parliamentary debate at 7pm this evening, AM raises a serious point when he writes:

"People should be made aware of this alarming, though completely unexpected, statement. Yet at the time of writing from the so called giants of the blogosphere there is no comment about this. Only a hardy band of determined kindred souls can be relied upon to continue the opposition.

EU Referendum
England Expects
Nourishing Obscurity
The Boiling Frog
IanPJ on Politics
Centurean 2" (links within AM's post)
As AM states, it is a great pity that those who consider themselves the 'Giants of the Blogosphere' have not mentioned a story that should be transmitted to every home in the country. In his defence, it was noticed on Twitter that Archbishop Cranmer had stated he would address this issue tomorrow.

Presumably the fact that CCHQ is getting wrecked is more important than their country getting wrecked!


Richard said...

Wash your mouth out WFW ... we are the giants ... the others just have more hits.

Witterings From Witney said...

touche - Colgate now in hand!

Trooper Thompson said...

Who are the giants?

Anonymous said...

WFW There never were any giants,
just one hundred or more well meaning,angry shadows flittering
across the screens of the allready
converted.The lost souls wanting
change ,yet unable to loosen the shackles of self imposed digital
exile and obscurity.Unable to grasp the reality that theirs is
a medium crowded with sympathy and
little else.They cry for change in
the hope articulate verse will
challenge what they fear,another
year will pass,still the same.
Poetic rebels,angry but harmless.

Hope springs.

Witterings From Witney said...

TT, see Richard's comment above!

In fact I am referring to those who would have us believe they are 'Giants' - like Guido Fawkes, Iain Dale????

Anonymous, see response to TT.

Anonymous said...

Well, include this angry shadow.

I have actually come to believe that the few are beacons of light in the dark.

The giants are only big in ego.

IanPJ said...

.. and the silence of Hannan, Carswell and Tebbit speaks volumes.