Tuesday, 2 November 2010

France - Again?

With all this waffle about 'co-operation' of the British and French Armed forces and our using each other's kit, one question arises:

How long will it be until we have to re-enact the events of July 3rd 1940?*

Ok, Ok - but when we do have to, hopefully we shall have a 'Churchill' and not a wimp at the helm!


Autonomous Mind said...

The French cannot be relied upon. They only work in their own interests but our idiot politicians think their interests are ours too.

I look forward to the wailing of the media when they ask at some point in the future why British troops have been sent to defend French interests in Ivory Coast, or Chad or some such theatre.

IanPJ said...

AM, we already have.. didnt hit the news much though did it.


Autonomous Mind said...

Ian, I was thinking specifically of a French initiative in France's interests that has nothing to do with tranzis such as the UN. The DRC isn't the sort of thing I had in mind because that woeful effort is UN led.