Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Has The Time Come For Talking To Cease

And for the supposed guardians of our liberty to do the job for which they were elected? Leaving to one side the small matter of the 'EU Budget Fiasco' for the moment, two further stories illustrate one simple fact - that today the composition of the House of Commons contain a majority of those with 'Quisling' tendencies, at the head of which is Quisling-in-Chief, David Cameron. The two stories in question are those concerning (a) the 'co-operation between the armed forces of the United Kingdom and France; and (b) the Coalition, in effect, being forced to capitulate on the question of votes for prisoners.

Co-operation between the armed forces of member EU states has been on the agenda for some time and in respect of the United Kingdom and France, Ian Parker-Joseph posted a history of this 'oft-denied plan' by our political masters. Richard North, EU Referendum, has voiced his opinion on the matter which, as always, is well worth reading - and I cannot resist highlighting Richard's last paragraph:
"With it, our military heritage is being sold down the river by the euroslime. These are black days. We have traitors in our midst, surrounded by fools who've woken up too late, even if, from the Daily Mail comments, it looks as if the slime may have over-reached themselves."
Yet again we are seeing 'Democratised Dictatorship' by Cameron in that neither the Conservative, Liberal Democrat, nor the Coalition 'manifestos' contained any hint of this move. One has therefore legitimate reason to question their legal right to make this decision, in that no-one was given the opportunity to express an opinion on the matter - but hey, as with so much that the Coalition do and are intending to do, why let a little matter like 'democratic legalities' get in the way? An alternative view is that Cameron and Sarkozy are doing no more than their Brussels masters bidding, which must underline the point that the United Kingdom is no longer a self-governing nation.

To turn to the matter of prisoners being allowed to vote, this again is a loss of power by the United Kingdom by the loss of power to decide what constitutes the punishement of those that have offended the rules of our society. The Boiling Frog has hopped into the water with his view of this matter and states:
"One beneficial outcome will be that resentment of the EU will fester even more"
It has to be said that John Hirst, who single-handedly, brought this decision to fruitition should be congratulated on having taken the state on and winning. Needless to say, not only do I disagree with the decision but that someone who has broken the laws of our society can use those same laws about which he obviously cared nothing; and to regain a privilege that he should not have, really does beggar belief. Gawain Towler, England Expects, has a good post which raises an interesting question or two.

Finally, I have to turn to the little matter of the behaviour of those 'guardians of our freedom', that supine and cowardly collection of humanity that the people of this land have placed in the House of Commons. I can but suggest you read the Hansard account of Cameron's statement to the House yesterday and also read the pathetic, grovelling, 'please sir, look what a good boy I am by not raising too critical a question' behaviour of Cameron's poodles who were seated on his side of the House.

I have complained about the attitude of John Redwood, for example, a supposed Eurosceptic MP and the fact I have singled him out does not mean that he is alone in 'not rocking the boat'. Douglas Carswell speaks a lot on the matter of our membership of the EU but, other than that, nothing. As for the likes of Daniel Hannan, his 'opposition' can best be summed up by a cartoon in Arty Politics, which I can only suggest is worth following the link for.

Do our MPs not posses one ounce of pride in the country they profess to love? Do they not realise that by their acceptance of and acquiesence to EU membership, their own status is diminished? Reverting to Richard North's description of these Quisling MPs, that of euroslime is slightly misleading - at least normal slime can immediately be washed away, unfortunately we are unable to wash away these bastards until probably 2015 by which time the total capitulation of this country as a self-governing nation will be complete. 

For our sake one can but hope their 'Ceaucescu moment' is not too long delayed!


Autonomous Mind said...

I hope with every fibre of my being that the time for talking and honest politics has not slipped by.

Somehow we need to find a democratic method of bringing down the political consensus. If we don't then the men of violence will fill the void and we will all lose.

We need a democratic political revolution before dangerous elements turn to thoughts of a violent one. We are approaching last chance saloon.

The Boiling Frog said...

Great post WfW (and thanks for the link)

I echo AM's point that I hope democratic recourse hasn't yet lost its potency but if it has then sadly there's little option left.

However I rather not get to that point, mainly because they have more guns than we do.

Witterings From Witney said...

AM, I greatly fear that the method of democratic change has been, or will shortly be, reached. Sad to say, I acknowledge, but a bloody revolution is what will happen and boy, do I want to be part of that!


Thanks for the accolade and my pleasure, as always.

IanPJ said...

Excellent post WfW. Thanks again for the link, this subject of defence cannot be emphasised enough, it is after all what defines us as a nation, and the limit of what we are willing to defend.

WV blesso

Witterings From Witney said...

My pleasure IPJ. Agree the subject needs to be rammed home, time and time and time again!

Anonymous said...

Nelson went to sea at the age of twelve.
Cameron went to Eaton and smoked dope.

Witterings From Witney said...

Anonymous, a fag that became a dope?

TomTom said...

1641 was an eventful year and led to many things.....few Members of this House are prepared to risk pensions let alone their lives to uphold liberty and accountability.

It might well be that the locus has passed from the House to the unfinished English Revolution that of building the basis of the system from the grassroots upwards.

Americans have returned to their roots in the Tea Party. I very much doubt the reaction will be non-violent in Europe.

Germany too is disgusted with its political caste - I suspect Europe might erupt into a Thirty Years War such as preceded the development of the modern nation state in 1648.

cast iron is brittle said...

Anyone who voted Tory knew what they would get. Dave had already dumped his cast iron guarantee of a referendum on the Treaty before he got into power. The EU Army has been building for years and only a UKIP vote would have stopped it.

The ECHR isn't part of the EU but was formed before the EEC and is part of the Council of Europe and has 47 members including Russia and Turkey.
Peter Sutcliffe stopped 13 people from voting but can now vote himself. Ditto other murderers and people imprisoned for voter fraud. You couldn't make it up.

procrustes said...

Hi WfW, Ditto TBF ... Great post and thank you kindly for the plug ;0)

Your questions regarding 'Democratised Dictatorship’ and the apparent apathy of our allegedly eurosceptic MPs are absolutely spot on. It’s just difficult to know what to do about it.

Anonymous said...

Here is the deal. As long as we have elections then I think that there is a chance that the British will use the ballot box to vote in UKIP and/or other withdrawalist candidates. Our situation can be reversed in those circumstances. If we are allowed to vote in 2015, then you might see it.

The question is, will we be allowed to vote? The violence will start when and if the euroslime discovers that it can't pull the wool sufficiently to win an election, and decides to close the shutters on the polling stations once and for all.

How long is that going to take, and what should we do to prepare? I don't know, but we should treat it as imminent. The old boys in charge of the local UKIP must be convinced of the present danger, and the terrible threat that the kindly Conservative party they once knew poses. They must be talked into organising our own local "community organisers" - a role for direction from the top.

On the face of it, these people will have nothing to do with armed resistance. No. These people would combat (by peaceful means) the push of the Big Society into local communities. The Big Society is the gimmick by which the euroslime hopes to maintain their democratic deception, and then to exert control when the game is up. It cannot be succesful and must be resisted.

We should organise this while we still can. Maybe also put out unofficial feelers to the EDL - basically a veteran's organisation, for instance, who can muster large numbers quickly. Links to Colonel-level members of the armed forces too. The police will be the primary instrument of suppression. These links must be unofficial and secretive, but it would help to have rules of mobilisation and engagement and command sorted out.

We need to finally realise that the Tory MPs and MEPs really are traitors and aren't going to move. Give them short shrift. Lets just openly call them out. Tory-press and bloggers are collaborators. Like that weasel-worded the-tap (never heard of it until directed there from EU-ref). Lets just call them out. They need to know where they are going to stand (i.e. on the scaffold) - but of course without making threats - when this is all done and dusted.

Autonomous Mind said...

Anon, when I wrote above 'We need a democratic political revolution before dangerous elements turn to thoughts of a violent one' the dangerous elements I was referring to include the EDL.

EDL is about as much a veteran's organisation as Mugabe's War Veterans in Zimbabwe. It may have started with honourable intent, but it has been corrupted by thugs, racists and organised football hooligans.

I wouldn't want to be within a country mile of the EDL. I want to see a solution achieved before they were ever able to wage the kind of violent campaign many of their supporters crave.

Anonymous said...

Autonomous Mind - you seem to be repeating the line about the EDL that the establishment desperately want us to buy, and I never buy anything from the establishment, especially when they are selling so desperately. David Cameron calls UKIP racists, so as a UKIP member I understand what it is to be smeared and completely misrepresented against by the establishment.

Anyway, it doesn't matter. I understand that they might attract unsavoury elements, but I was thinking of preparing for a last ditch scenario that was a matter of life and death, and in those situations, when things have really gone to hell in a handcart and there is no polite society to read media smearing you for the company you keep, it will be better to have that organistaion under control than running their own show - that's all I am thinking of. More importantly would be having young men who have recently served in the forces - veterans - who have in large numbers (with serving members of the armed forces) seen the EDL as a body that represents them.

The things that I think we should prepare for are not pretty for sure, but we damn wll better be prepared. As I wrote above, trouble will come because noone has any other option, and it will be at the establishment's instigation because they will have closed all the other options down, which they will do suddenly and without warning. There will be no opportunity to organise against it then.