Friday, 5 November 2010

Peter Oborne - Nobbled Or Just Accepting His Thirty Pieces Of Silver?

Having joined the Telegraph from the Mail, Peter Oborne seems to have undergone a 'Damascene' conversion!

The question is asked following his op-ed piece in today's Telegraph, when compared to this, written only last July - and this, written just days earlier.

He who pays the piper...........? So much for 'journalistic integrity'!

Update: This quote from Samizdata is priceless:
"That paragraph is written in a tone of approval. Now, unless I have missed something, wasn't Mr Oborne the man who wrote a book a few years ago condemning the rise of a political class that tended to associate its own material interests with those of the country? I remember at the time pointing out that Oborne failed to give due weight to the significance of the European Union in all this. Well, now it appears he has become a sort of cheerleader for Britain giving ever greater sums of money to countries determined to pursue wrongheaded economic policies.
Well, it was nice knowing you, Peter."


James Higham said...

It just says all that needs to be said about the type.

Mark Wadsworth said...


Witterings From Witney said...

JH, they really are despicable, are they not?

MW, In hindsight a few minutes later, thats what I thought too?