Friday, 5 November 2010

Why All The 'Woolas' Fuss?

The news that Phil Woolas is no longer an MP seems to have stirred up the media and blogosphere alike and I can but wonder why.

Yes, Woolas did wrong and deserves to be punished and those MPs who have climbed on the 'bandwagon' need to look around them. There are still in the House of Commons MPs who are also guilty of disregard for our political system and its procedures (expenses). The fact that they may have 'repaid' part of what they stole from the British taxpayer is neither here nor there.

Phil Woolas has been punished as he brought his position as a candidate and subsequently an MP into disrepute. Is that not what those MPs who abused the British taxpayer did - brought their position as an MP into disrepute? So why are they still there?

Those that wish to be called 'Honourable' need to act in an honourable manner, or face the consequences!


BJ said...

I think Harriet telling us that it was not Labour policy to lie to win elections that had me spraying my PC monitor with Earl Grey.


subrosa said...

Poor BJ, my sympathies.

Can't disagree WfW at all. Abuse it is, same with the bankers. But we're guilty for accepting this behaviour. The MSM seems to condone it. This, like many other wrongdoings, will be a nine-day wonder.

Witterings From Witney said...

BJ, hate Earl Grey, but still a waste!

SR, The MSM seem to condone it - true, so very true and that is a very big problem which needs to be dealt with.