Monday, 8 November 2010

Think Twice - Before You Answer*


Not so daft, these Icelanders. From EUobserver:
"EU candidate country Iceland has spurned up to €30 million in Brussels cash out of fear that any projects the money is spent on would amount to interference in a domestic debate over whether or not to join the bloc........The money was also to go to an information campaign by the EU to inform the Icelandic people about what it does. It is this aspect that has aroused controversy."
What the EU does, in a nutshell, is remove from those countries that join its insidious 'club' every trace of democracy, independence, nationality, self-governance and individual freedom. 

*Ok, so the video is slightly out of context - bar the first two lines: "Think twice before you answer, think twice before you say yes".  Anyway its a nice song and he had a good voice - which is why I picked it.

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