Sunday, 11 October 2009

Benn's 'Fifty Year Bubble'

The Rt. Hon. (?) Hilary Benn has been discussing "the measures to encourage people to recycle, saying the public had lived in "a 50 year bubble" about the effects of food waste on the environment."

He considers the next step is to ban certain items from going to landfill and continues "You have to give people time to prepare for that, because you need to have the alternative infrastructure in place" - what, like the environmental 'police' and 'fines'?

The most immediate problem the country has though, when considering waste, is what do we do with this socialist government and all its MPs. We certainly don't want to recycle them, we can't compost them or send them to landfill due to the contamination risk - what we could do, I suppose, is dispose of them as toxic waste. The problem which then arises is where can one dispose of toxic waste?

An immediate thought is to send them to the EU, on the basis that is the biggest cesspool of corruption and waste ever created. In the shipment we could also include quite a few Tories and LibDems!

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