Sunday, 11 October 2009

Selling The Family Silver

Now it is appreciated that out country is 'broke' but, Christ on a crutch, this is surely the desperate move of an extremely desperate man!

Sky News' political correspondent, Peter Spencer, needs to retake his Maths GCSE as he reckons that £3bn is "not bad money". And £3bn is what, when compared to the £800.8bn - as at the end of July - according to the Office of National Statistics. 'Journalists', don't you just love them?

Even if the government plans can raise an extra £30bn, I suppose we should be thankful that it only leaves another £750bn - give or take the odd million - to find.

No doubt our Economics Wizard Gordon Brown will follow previous practice and tell the world when he intends selling them and how much he wants! Presumably it will be whilst he can still 'Tote' the idea try and convince us that he has his 'eye on the ball'!

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