Saturday, 10 October 2009

'Expensegate' Reborn?

The Sunday Telegraph and the Sunday Times both have articles on the small matter of violin playing fiddles of which MPs and Peers have been held guilty. A further report in the Times states that "The report will be published in December together with full details of expenses claims from 2008-09. Unlike last summer’s official disclosure of such information, when huge sections were blacked out, these will be uncensored except for details such as bank account numbers."

We could have the privilege of seeing some MPs scrabbling round for the cash to make the required repayments, together with political parties scrabbling round to fill suddenly vacated seats.

 On the bright side, at least in the run-up to Christmas we shall have some interesting fare in the press, which will no doubt continue during the approach to the General election.

Oh happy days...............

Update: Oops! Looks like the 'Main Man' will have to put his hand in his pocket!

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