Saturday, 10 October 2009

Lack Of Posts

Apologies, but have spent the day on the Housing Association tenders etc, referred to a few days ago. It will of necessity also mean that posting during the coming week may also be intermittent.
As an aside, Subrosa posted on the subject of the lack of teaching of the three Rs. When one reads sentences in Tender documents such as this from one Residential Social Landlord:

"The resident Involvement Team are developing activity to higher levels and ensure that staff and residents have the tools necessary to delivery outstanding community interaction."

It does make one wonder how long it has been since the three Rs were taught! Needless to say the sentence quoted is but one of many examples available and they cannot all be blamed on typographical errors, surely!

Afterthought: anyone got a Bureaucratese - English dictionary and phrasebook? 


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