Thursday, 1 October 2009

Heads In The Sand

It is obvious that politicians are not the only section of our society that have their heads stuck in their arse the sand. As has been thought for some time, it would appear that some journalists are suffering from the same affliction.

Discussing the question of the Lisbon Treaty and the Conservative position when, and if, they form the next government, David Blackburn, posting on the Coffee House, writes:

"If all other member states have signed, and the Tories remain committed to the EU, then they have no option but to adopt it. Besides, there are more important pan-European issues than the Lisbon treaty that Cameron should take a stand on."

Wrong, Mr. Blackburn. The most important issue affecting this country, when considering the Lisbon Treaty and membership of the European Union, is simply 'Who governs this country - and how'!

Learn that lesson Mr. Blackburn and stop writing purile, vacuous piffle!

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