Thursday, 1 October 2009

Politician's Promises

So much for being able to rely on what a politician says, whether in a public statement or in their manifesto, as experience shows that what it amounts to is just that - a promise lie.

Irish PM Brian Cowen has stated that should the referendum result in a 'No' vote there will definitely not be a third referendum.

Contrast this with the statement by Dick Roche in March 2008, in which he stated:

"There is no plan B and there is absolutely no possibility of this Treaty being subject to a further renegotiation. The idea that we can reject this Treaty and have another Referendum as happened with the Nice Treaty is a dilusion. That cannot and will not happen."

One only has to refer to the 1997 Labour manifesto to see the similarities:

 "We will make education our number one priority
Britain will be better with New Labour

We will be tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime
We will strengthen family life
We will clean up politics"

See what I mean about politician's promises lies? This just demonstrates that a re-call system for MPs is a must and that the only people who can instigate this must be the people themselves, not some unelected and unaccountable public body which is what the Fat Controller wants.

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