Sunday, 4 October 2009

The Proposed Cameron/Brown/Clegg 'Show'

Iain Dale poses the question whether Ukip, amongst other parties, should be included in the General election debate - if it ever happens. The one question none of the above three will wish to debate, namely EU membership, contains a fundamental question of who governs this country.

Bearing in mind that at the last election held in this country, when the subject of the EU was supposed to be the reason for that election, Ukip came second. It could therefore be asked, quite reasonably, should Labour be included as, in coming fourth, they could be classified as a'minor' party.

It is also worth pointing out that, if the Conservative Party do 'rent themselves asunder' over the EU question and their 'support' in the country 'vanishes' they could well be in a position whereby they, too, could be classified as a 'minor' party.

Just a thought, Cameron old chap!

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subrosa said...

Argh WfW, and what about Scotland?